Who am I?  by:Claire 7I

My face is round and happy. My name means bright and clear. My voice is average and boring. To my parents I am smart and responsible. In my teacher’s eyes, I am intelligent and happy. To myself, I am funny, smart and weird. In my family, I am youngest and excited. As a friend, I am hilarious and weird/crazy. To my enemies, I am mean and narcissistic. And to those I do not know, I am crazy and smart.

In twenty years I want to be teaching grade 2 or 3. I feel smart when I do good on a test. Sometimes, I dream about my bed falling down forever. I always remember passwords and secrets but I sometimes forget to do my homework. 😉  Others do not understand my love for cats and this makes me want to force them to watch cute kitty videos. >:)

Sometimes I act weird but I am weird.

Who Am I? I am Claire Krienke and I am awesome.

This reminds me of myself!